ANM 104 Animation Theory & Practice

About this course:  This was the very first college level art course I’ve taken.  While earning an associate degree in Graphic Design, art courses were not an option, although I could have taken maybe one or two as electives.  Being unsure of which area of design I would take, the few options where ‘art’ courses would prove most valuable, I took other electives which were more practical in publishing, working with InDesign and communications, an element that needs to be understood and implimented on the highest of high-levels to be successful in design along with a host of publishing knowledge.

So what do I want to get out of it?

This is an introduction to a better understanding of what constitues art itself, since design work often requires it and has reached levels in which awards are given out to successful campaigns and the work they required, useully with some form of visual affect, which is viewed as an art-form.  The structure behind classifications within the art world and it’s understanding will give a broader perspective in what I am dong. Knowing the forms that create emotion, for example, can add to thee effect of the art used in design.  As in displaying the emotion through the use of lines and how they are used.  There are certain applications, where certain lines provoke certain emotions.  I guess it’s a inter-relationship that adds to the broadness of understanding.  As in, if this were a history course, the matter related to design, would add to the understanding of how design works, as well  knowing the trends of the times.

I’m sure this course is closely related to design work, much more than an accounting or chemistry course would be, even though bits and pieces of any subject can be relative to any work, under any circumstance.  I’d like to continue into advanced stages of artwork, if time, money and the opportunity would come to be.  Only with addional background in art would some opportunities be qualified for.  The overall ‘big picture’ just doesn’t allow it, seeing how much more English, writing skills, communication skills, or art skills relative to design theory, especailly concept be understood.   For  that reason, this may be the first and last.


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